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Our shortbread is as good as you have ever experienced.


Made with real butter, we combine our ingredients into the taste of real comfort.

Experience our shortbread


You will really struggle to stick to just one piece of our shortbread. Go on, have another...


Incredibly tasty and moreish. My parents are from Scotland and they believe this to be the best, creamiest, richest shortbread they've ever had. Fantastic!!!

Leesa B

The best shortbread I've ever had...amazing. Buy won't be sorry


I am a big fan of shortbread and The Trading Post Shortbread Company have nailed it! It is delicious, creamy and just the right texture! I will be stocking up!

Sue B

They honestly taste amazing

Kiren S

OMG it is absolutely amazing - honestly don't think I have ever had such smooth and creamy shortbread before!!!

Carey K.